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Syook Safe: Emergency response management in your facility

Understanding how you can easily make your facility safe by embracing this new technology.

22 Oct 2021 - 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM IST

What will this webinar teach you?

It takes just one incident to disrupt the smooth function of a facility. Every accident / incident brings with it, apart from the uncountable human cost, huge monetary losses.

Every year, millions of preventable accidents occur in facilities. It's time to be prepared for any emergency, and use the latest in technology to improve safety at work.

This webinar is designed to educate the audience on:

  • Digital transformation that companies are undergoing

  • How technology can help improve safety at work

  • How a digital map of a facility can transform the safety function

  • How can safety leaders intervene proactively to prevent incidents

  • How the Syook Safe module can help enhance safety at the workplace

  • And much more...

The webinar to be interactive and engaging. You will be able to ask questions to the speaker directly. Pen down all your questions and be ready for an intriguing half an hour.

Image by Gift Habeshaw

Who is speaking at the webinar?

Group 61_2x.png


Arjun Nagarajan

CEO / Co-Founder at

Group 61_2x.png


Dij Phukan

VP - Marketing at


22 Oct 2021


4:00 PM IST


45 Mins

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