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Our solutions are designed to optimize operations

Visualize assets in real-time on a digital map layout


People Management

Syook’s People Management Solution enables any facility big or small to monitor their direct payroll human resources within the confined space of their facility. By leveraging real-time location, many engineering controls can be implemented which can ensure increased productivity, elevated safety standards and higher compliance


Truck-in Truck-out  ™  

Truck in Truck out    is an industrial IoT solution used to monitor the location of trucks and drivers for managing plant logistics and supply chain at factories and warehouses. With Syook TiTo it is possible to create paperless gate passes and get pre-approved truck information. This ensures major time savings at the gate which translates to additional profits and faster shipments



Asset Management

Precious time is lost in searching for valuable assets in various large scale facilities. An inability to locate this equipment in time could not only cause loss of precious productive time but could also lead to loss of life


Contractor Management

Many factories have different types of contractual employees and they are required to work in specific areas. The management of each contractor varies and their individual billing model is different. Syook’s Contractor Management helps to organize and monitor the various contract vendors and employees intended to work in specific areas with specific contractor billing

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Hazardous Area Solutions

Syook’s Hazardous Area Solutions are specifically designed to be deployed in the critical areas of any operation ranging from zone-compliant chemical factories to the oil and gas sector. Our Hardware is certified and intrinsically tested to ensure that functionality remains optimal even in the harshest conditions



Syook’s Computerized Maintenance Management Module ensures that all your Planned Work Orders, Emergency Work Orders and Maintenance routines are undertaken and recorded on a single platform

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