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Taking care of your machines

Computerized Maintenance Management System

Maintenance management is necessary for any asset, equipment or machine that is stationary or mobile. A routine planned maintenance can ensure the longevity of the asset and give returns for years to come. 

Syook’s Computerized Maintenance Management Module ensures that all your Planned Work Orders, Emergency Work Orders and Maintenance routines are undertaken and recorded on a single platform.

Benefits of Asset Management:

  • Plan and Schedule work orders for different type of assets

  • Set Work orders till component level

  • Undertake Emergency Work Orders remotely using the mobile app

  • Set user roles and provide access only to relevant stakeholders

  • Get a holistic database of all the maintenance activities undertaken in a year

In-App features:

  • Configurable Attributes (Machine number, VIN, Make etc.)

  • Entity Types (Line, Machine, Assembly, Component etc.)

  • Work Order Types (Planned, Emergency etc)

  • Maintenance Templates - (Daily, Weekly, Monthly work orders)

  • User Roles and Responsibilities

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