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Contractor Management

Manage all your contractual workers with ease

Manage your contractual workers with ease

Many factories have different types of contractual employees and they are required to work in specific areas. The management of each contractor varies and their individual billing model is different.


Syook’s Contractor Management helps to organize and monitor the various contract vendors and employees intended to work in specific areas with specific contractor billing.

Benefits of Contractor Management:

  • Gain information about real time headcount based on the type of contract workers

  • Understand worker availability and assign workers to undermanned areas

  • Get historical data of worker movement

  • Study various time and location trends for different types of Contractors

  • Set rules to ensure that contractual employees are billed as per the number of hours worked

In-App features:

  • Contractor Billing

  • Compliance Management

  • Productivity and Safety Score

  • Heatmaps and Emergency Trigger

  • Integration with HRMS, Access Control Systems etc.

Image by Christopher Burns
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