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Hazardous Area Solutions

Working in Extreme Conditions

Importance of avoiding a mishap in a hazardous area

Many Industries fall under strict compliances and laws due to the nature of their operations. Specific certifications are required for any equipment that needs to be deployed in these areas based on the zone certifications.

Syook’s Hazardous Area Solutions are specifically designed to be deployed in the critical areas of any operation ranging from zone-compliant chemical factories to the oil and gas sector. Our Hardware is certified and intrinsically tested to ensure that functionality remains optimal even in the harshest conditions.

Benefits of Hazardous Area Solution:

  • Get zone certified hardware for different locations as per zoning requirements

  • Understand worker availability and assign workers to critical under manned areas

  • Get historical data of employee and worker movement in terms of safety

  • Study various time and location trends for different types of Employees, Contractors and Visitors

  • Gain higher security and safety control

In-App features:

  • Attendance Management

  • Compliance Management

  • Productivity and Safety Score

  • Integration with existing HRMS

  • Emergency Trigger

Image by Markus Spiske
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