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People Management

Human Assets on direct Payroll

Efficiently Manage Your Greatest Resource: People

An employee is the backbone of any organization. Human Resource management has been such a crucial field in all progressive organizations as even a fully automated manufacturing facility requires humans to operate, maintain and upgrade machines. In a facility where individuals are hired for operating machines, or for moving material from one place to another or for being present at a critical workstation, a delay in the smallest of tasks impacts production and manpower efficiency.

Syook’s People Management Solution enables any facility big or small to monitor their direct payroll human resources within the confined space of their facility. By leveraging real time location, many engineering controls can be implemented which can ensure increased productivity, elevated safety standards and higher compliance.

Benefits of People Management:

  • Real-time headcount

  • Ensure availability 

  • Get historical data of people movement

  • Study various time and location trends

  • Set rules to monitor compliances as per internal and external procedures


In-App features:

  • Attendance Management

  • Compliance Management

  • Productivity and Safety Score

  • Integration with existing HRMS

  • Emergency Trigger

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