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Build your own IIOT and RTLS Solution

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Aggregate real-time locations to create a map of the changing density of the employees throughout the facility

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Track the assets on the go using GPS technology

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Visualize asset or employee movements history and data on a map layout

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E-Gate pass

Configure the attributes and define your own status & checkpoints for the e-gate pass

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Contact Tracing

Identify people who came in direct or in-direct contact with patient zero

Asset 14_3x 2.png

Attendance Management

Generate attendance reports for your personnel and track work hours

Asset 16_3x 2.png

Fall Detection

Receive alerts while a falling down motion is detected on the tags provided to the employees

Asset 21_3x 1.png

Emergency Mustering

Improve mustering time and get real time headcount in emergency situations

Asset 23_3x 1.png

Productivity Score

Get productivity score of employees based on activities performed in assigned areas

Asset 8_3x 3.png

Emergency Trigger

Trigger a distress signal in case of emergency and notify the respective people to call for help

Asset 20_3x 1.png

Syook LoRaWAN

Deploy Syook's LoRaWAN solution for larger facilities and long-range use cases

Asset 5_3x 2.png

Contactor Billing Management

Manage billing of contractors based on attendance.

Asset 7_3x 2.png

Asset Detail Sync

Fetch the asset details from the third-party system

Asset 22_3x 1.png

Safety Score

Get safety index of people working in the facility to monitor and promote best safety practices

Asset 19_3x 1.png

Dock Management

Get real-time visibility of the dock occupancy, receive alerts and reports on dock utilization

Asset 3_3x 1.png


Fetch the gate-in and gate-out time from the third party system

Asset 17_3x 1.png

DROR Mobile app Location

Mobile app-based social distancing and contact tracing solution

Asset 28_3x 1.png

Immobility Compliance

Get alerts when an asset is stationary for more than expected duration

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Asset 29_3x 1.png

Inventory Logger

Mobile app based inventory logger where you can scan the tagged assets anytime anywhere

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Canteen Management

Monitor the entry, the exit and the time spent in the canteen area using facial recognition

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