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Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory revolution

Enabling the factory of the future.

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

Monitor and visualize your assets and people on a digital twin of your facility. Understand time and location trends of various mobile assets by leveraging real-time location and ensuring engineering and behavior-based control.

Syook InSite (Real-Time Location Platform) enables you to manage and optimize your operations by providing you with data-driven insights. InSite provides the answer to various operational needs and enables you to take proactive decisions instead of reactive ones. By using Syook InSite, all your mobile assets can be viewed and managed on a single platform helping you achieve higher productivity, safety and compliance.



Man, machine and materials are the founding blocks of operations at any manufacturing unit. Syook InSite enables organizations to measurably quantify productivity of people and assets to ensure quicker turnaround times, less wastage and a much higher OLE. 


Safety is of utmost priority for any manufacturing unit big or small. With InSite, facilities are empowered to locate and view individuals in the facility and also determine their last known location. Various safety solutions are a part of the Syook InSite platform including emergency headcount, last known location and even an SOS trigger for emergency alerts. The system is also configurable for advanced features like fall detection and immobility monitoring thereby digitizing and providing real time information about safety at the workplace. 


InSite provides you with a dynamic compliance environment with which you can create rules for all the mobile assets within your organization. These rules can ensure that your facility is compliant at all times with respect to internal and external policies. The no code platform ensures each facility is able to configure rules and alerts in their own way without any need for expensive and time consuming customization. Overcrowding, restriction of visitors, presence of ERT etc. can be ensured in a few clicks in any facility.

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