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Asset management

Importance of Tracking Mobile Equipments

Importance of tracking mobile equipment

Precious time is lost in searching for mobile medical equipment in hospitals and material handling equipment in large factories and warehouses. An inability to locate these equipment in time could not only cause loss of precious productive time but could also lead to loss of life.

Syook’s Asset Management Module tracks these equipment in real time and traces their exact location within a facility, ensuring that critical equipment is available at all times.

Benefits of Asset Management:

  • Reduce asset search time

  • Increase asset availability

  • Study asset utilization in the form of time trends and trips

  • Evaluate underutilized assets

  • Undertake FiFo for faster asset utilization or turnaround time

In-App features:

  • Compliance Management

  • Trip Calculator

  • Asset trends and timeline view

  • Heatmaps for Asset Utilization

  • Integration with WMS, ERP, SAP etc.

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