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Asset management

Importance of Tracking Mobile Equipments

Precious time is lost in searching for mobile medical equipment in hospitals and material handling equipment in large factories and warehouses.

An inability to trace these equipment in time could not only cause loss of precious productive time but could also lead to loss of life.

Syook Asset Management Module tracks these equipment in real time and traces their exact location within a facility, ensuring that critical equipment is available at all times.

Benefits of Asset Management

  1. Real Time Location

    1. Fast and accurate mobile asset monitoring ensures smooth operations and reduced bottlenecks

    2. Location identification significantly reduces search time

  2. Asset Availability

    1. Asset availability is increased due to real time utilization monitoring

    2. Equipment shortage can be identified and improved based on availability

  3. Compliance Management

    1. Compliances can be set to prevent the movement of equipment outside the authorized zones/areas

    2. Real time alerts can be sent to Supervisors/Managers to ensure quick action once a rule is broken

  4. Time Trends

    1. Periodic utilization of individual assets ensures that future investment for equipment is well planned for

  5. Real Time Alerts

    1. Utilization report of the mobile equipment will be available to the management to study underutilized equipment

    2. Asset compliance reports will also be made available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis