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Simplifying Operations for Good

Our solutions are implemented by Fortune 500 companies worldwide

At Syook, we believe that the Internet of Things presents companies of all sizes with the opportunity to optimize their operations and achieve enormous savings, with minimum expense. Our first product, Syook InSite, gives businesses complete visibility into their operations, from the movement of people to the monitoring of assets. We believe that the operational improvements this technology will bring about could result in huge changes, helping industries make a successful transition to Industry 4.0

Founding Team

Arjun nagarajan


Arjun Nagarajan
Co-Founder & CEO
IIT Guwahati, 2006

Aman agarwal


Aman Agarwal
Co-Founder & CTO
IIT Madras, 2008

Saurabh Sharma


Saurabh Sharma
Co-Founder & COO
ISTC Chandigarh, 2007


At Syook, our vision is to be among the global leaders providing innovative, high-value digital technology solutions for operations excellence.


At Syook, it is our mission to enhance the competitive advantage of organizations by partnering with them in their digital transformation journey.

It is our focus to empower clients with avant-garde knowledge-based solutions for scalable, seamless workplace operations.

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