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Oil and Gas

Digitizing the Oil and Gas sector using RTLS

Digitizing the Oil and Gas Sector

Bringing Tech to Hazardous Environments

The Oil and Gas sector is very challenging in terms of operating environment, safety and high costs involved. It becomes really important to run a safe, efficient and compliant operation in this sector since even the cost of a simple non-compliance can be very heavy. 

Syook InSite (an enterprise intelligence platform built on RTLS -Real Time Location Systems), provides a simple and easy way to monitor both onshore and offshore oil and gas installations. It enables you to manage and optimise your operations by providing you with data driven insights. All mobile assets such as wellheads, pipes, cables, Contract workers and Specially skilled employees can be viewed and managed on a single platform helping you achieve higher productivity, safety and compliance.



The Oil and gas industry relies heavily on equipment and consumables which need to be at the right place at the right time to ensure there is no loss of operational efficiency. In order to ensure the synchronization of equipment and undertake operations in a high-risk environment, Manpower becomes the critical parameter for ensuring operational efficiency. With InSite, these high value assets can be monitored and located to derive actionable insights and provide data related to availability of individuals across critical workstations, VA vs NVA and asset availability details across different areas.


The Oil and Gas Sector relies heavily on Safety as most operations are undertaken in highly hazardous environments. With InSite, facilities are empowered to locate and view individuals in the facility and also determine their last known location. Various safety solutions are a part of the Syook InSite platform including emergency headcount and last known location. The system is also configurable for advanced features like SOS trigger, buddy system or lone worker monitoring, fall detection and immobility thereby digitizing and providing real time information about safety at critical work locations.



InSite provides you with a dynamic compliance environment with which you can create rules for all your mobile assets on a rig, platform or on-shore operations. The no code platform ensures that each facility is able to configure rules and alerts in their own way without any need for expensive and time consuming customization. Ensure availability of key personnel, restrict movement of assets or visualize asset utilization in a matter of seconds.

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