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Looking for that
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Syook's pillars for lasting success


Innovation, disruption and continuous improvement are at the heart of everything we craft because these are the building blocks for achieving excellence.


Empathy for all people

We strive to do what is best for our clients, our teams and our people, by ensuring that we think from their angle also.


People centricity

People...the RIGHT people...are our biggest asset and we nurture them in the best possible way because we’re always stronger together.

people centricity

Continuous upskilling

We are working on cutting edge technology and provide ample opportunities to our people to stay in tune with the latest trends. We want our folks to enjoy their learnings, teach others and have opportunities to apply what they learn.

continous upskilling

Happy & healthy employees are the main priority for us

Medical Health Insurance

We want to look after you and your family, so we provide best-in-class health insurance for our employees, covering 100% of their premiums.

Flexible work location

You can work from home for a few days and also from the office. We don't believe there's a magic chair where you are most productive.

Anywhere around the world

Immense growth opportunities

You learn best when you are building ground up, and the visibility of your contributions are high. This means there’s a super accelerated learning curve!


Excellent work-life balance

We ensure that you are motivated when you arrive at work and when you leave!! We offer flexible working so that you may enjoy your work hours and also the time with your family friend or doing your favorite activities.

Work life balance

Weekly Happy Hours

Every week, we meet together for a weekly session to have some fun, create new memories with one another, and play some games.


Unrestricted Time Off

We want to look after you and your family, so we provide best-in-class health insurance for our employees, covering 100% of their premiums.

No over time

Delicious and Tasty Food

Do not worry about eating in a hotel as you'll be eating at home. Snacks are also provided to keep you energized throughout the day while also ensuring that your health is not compromised.


Promote Great Ideas

Great ideas can come from anywhere, and our company actively encourages this by sharing votes on ideas that help us shape our product roadmap.


Merit-Based Career Progress

We believe that each person should take ownership for the speed of their development and progress. We create a culture of merit-based promotions which are completely objective and fair.

Medical Assitance

We are eagerly looking forward to hearing from you. Please do mail us at and we promise to respond. Wish you the very best!

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