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Syook's pillars for lasting success


Innovation, disruption and continuous improvement are at the heart of everything we craft because these are the building blocks for achieving excellence.


Empathy for all people

We strive to do what is best for our clients, our teams and our people, by ensuring that we think from their angle also.


People centricity

People...the RIGHT people...are our biggest asset and we nurture them in the best possible way because we’re always stronger together.

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Continuous upskilling

We are working on cutting edge technology and provide ample opportunities to our people to stay in tune with the latest trends. We want our folks to enjoy their learnings, teach others and have opportunities to apply what they learn.

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Happy & healthy employees are the main priority for us

Medical Health Insurance

We want to look after you and your family, so we provide best-in-class health insurance for our employees, covering 100% of their premiums.

Flexible work location

You can work from home for a few days and also from the office. We don't believe there's a magic chair where you are most productive.

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Immense growth opportunities

You learn best when you are building ground up, and the visibility of your contributions are high. This means there’s a super accelerated learning curve!

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Excellent work-life balance

We ensure that you are motivated when you arrive at work and when you leave!! We offer flexible working so that you may enjoy your work hours and also the time with your family friend or doing your favorite activities.

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Weekly Happy Hours

Every week, we meet together for a weekly session to have some fun, create new memories with one another, and play some games.

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Unrestricted Time Off

We want to look after you and your family, so we provide best-in-class health insurance for our employees, covering 100% of their premiums.

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Delicious and Tasty Food

Do not worry about eating in a hotel as you'll be eating at home. Snacks are also provided to keep you energized throughout the day while also ensuring that your health is not compromised.

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Promote Great Ideas

Great ideas can come from anywhere, and our company actively encourages this by sharing votes on ideas that help us shape our product roadmap.

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Merit-Based Career Progress

We believe that each person should take ownership for the speed of their development and progress. We create a culture of merit-based promotions which are completely objective and fair.

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What employees say about us?


High growth work place

Great place to innovate and learn. Opportunity to build new products and interact with industry leaders from various sectors.

Product Manager



Friendly environment and great place to work, Learning opportunities will be huge.

#AwesomeTechTeam #SupportiveAndFriendlyMentors



Open Roles

Apply for Applied Computer Vision Engineer

Applied Computer Vision Engineer

Role Overview:

First and foremost, we're looking for people who are excited about what we're doing. We're building in a relatively new space, so you'll be able to use your creativity to help us solve problems and delight our customers.

As an Applied Computer Vision Engineer, you will be working on the state-of-the art challenges in the field of Computer Vision & solving them with novel algorithms and optimizations. Majority of our work is focused on applied Computer Vision - so a good understanding of the current state of the art of models (Classification, Object detection, Object Recognition, OCR, LayoutML, GAN etc networks) is mandatory. 

We’re looking for someone who loves to solve problems and enjoys building algorithms and models that identify all possible scenarios. You must enjoy breaking down a problem statement into smaller chunks and have a knack of designing scalable systems using modular pieces.


A day in your role will involve any of the following (or a combination):

● Understanding business objectives and developing Computer Vision based solutions that help achieve it. The software could involve training framework, inference framework, working with different technologies for ML.

● Understand the requirements in depth and give adequate time estimates for the features

● Develop processes for different common operations of the team: data acquisition, model training, prototype development.

● Finding open-source datasets for prototype development.

● Develop pipelines for data processing, augmentation, training, inference and active retraining.

● Training models and tuning their hyperparameters

● Analyzing the errors of the model and designing strategies to overcome them

● Deploying models to production

● Optimize models for performance at the edge 

● Coordinate with QA for every feature and make sure releases are bug free

● This list is not exhaustive at all, and you'll have a lot of autonomy over your work.

About you:

● None of these are requirements, but do describe the kinds of people that we think would be most effective at Syook right now.

● Love thinking broadly about problems and thinking creatively about how to solve them efficiently.
● Happy to try things out to validate new features, and move on if they no longer solve a problem.
● Excited for a front-row seat into a fast growing, early stage company. Things will change a lot!
● Enjoy thinking through trade-offs, with both mindfulness of short-term needs and our long-term direction.
● Happy writing documentation so that others can ramp up super easily and you're never a single-source-of-failure. We're a bit too small to have silos.
● You are driven and care about doing a good job and improving your craft.
● You have a growth mindset, can keep up with the latest technology changes and trends and suggest enhancements based on these 
● Most importantly, you’re the kind of person who is friendly, approachable, ready to help others and personally driven to put your best foot forward.


Technically these are some of the things we would like for you to have to be able to contribute effectively in this kind of a position:

● Bachelors/Masters degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/IT or related fields
● 3+ years of experience. Exceptional candidates with less experience are welcome to apply
● Sound knowledge of various deep learning classification models and object detection models
● Experience of working with Image & Video Processing (OpenCV, Scikit, GStreamer, Tensorflow, PyTorch, NVIDIA Deepstream, TensorRT, Keras, Model Training/Inference, Video Processing Pipelines, Different GStreamer Convertors etc)
● Good knowledge of statistics relevant to Deep Learning and ability to use the right statistical measures to assess model’s performance 
● Strong experience with Python and writing reusable code
● Experience with Python web framework, e.g. Flask, Django or FastAPI
● Experience with databases (MongoDB, Postgres, etc)
● Experience with cloud environments for software development and deployment (AWS, Azure, GCP)
● Experience with utilizing various GPU-based training infrastructures
● Experience with Docker
● Knowledge of DevOps and MLOps best practices for production Machine Learning systems
● Experience in optimizing and pruning models, converting models to NVIDIA TensorRT etc would be preferable
● Experience with Azure, Azure ML Studio framework etc. will be preferred
● Prior experience in taking at least one solution to production from Concept to Deployment
● Fluent in using the tools of the trade: Testing, Editors, Git, Command line, Slack

Why you might be excited about us?

● We're working to solve a massive global problem and help organizations be more competitive. We love solving problems using technology and are bridging a massive gap in the operations excellence domain.
● We're small, so you'll be able to contribute efficiently and without bureaucracy. You'll quickly have responsibility over big areas of our product.
● Our team has a wide range of experiences (Oilfield, Telecom, Fintech, etc.) and are excited to learn from you, too.
● You'll be able to work independently and set your own schedule. We don't micromanage and will help you do great work. We trust our people and believe that each person here puts their best foot forward.
● We'll mold your role to shape a career you're excited about. We care a ton about your satisfaction and job happiness, and will help prep you for whatever you're looking for in the future.
● We work hard and also highly value balanced work/life. We care about family and your own personal development, and don't expect for you to be always engaged with work.

Apply for Executive Assistant to the Founder

Executive Assistant to the Founder

We are looking for someone who is passionate about getting things moving, and acts as a ‘right-hand person’ to the Founder. 


  • Serve as the primary point of contact for internal and external constituencies on all matters pertaining to the Founder

  • Work closely with the founders to keep them well informed of upcoming commitments and responsibilities following up appropriately

  • Draft, review and send communications on behalf of the founder

  • Invest in building long lasting relationships with all of our internal and external stakeholders

  • Complete a broad variety of administrative tasks that facilitate the Founder’s ability to effectively lead the organization

  • Coordinate travel and stay arrangements as and when required

  • Format information for internal and external communication – memos, emails, presentations, reports

  • You will also be a part of the business development team and will represent the company 

  • Provide Sophisticated calendar management to the Founder

About you
None of these are requirements, but does describe the kind of people that we think would be most effective at Syook right now.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English & Hindi preferred) with a lot of enthusiasm and energy

  • Prior experience in a similar role is preferred. MBA is a plus

  • Ability to multitask and manage an array of duties efficiently

  • Basic understanding of frequently used computer software and programs, such as Microsoft Office, G-suite, Slack etc.

We are eagerly looking forward to hearing from you. Please do mail us at and we promise to respond. Wish you the very best!

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