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Syook Webinars

Webinars designed to educate the industry on the latest in the Industry 4.0, IoT and RTLS domains

Team Syook has been working hard to bring the latest in the Digital Transformation space to the world. One of the primary ways for us are through webinars. We create educational webinars that are designed to provide the much-needed knowledge in this ever-changing space.

Below is the list of our recent webinars.

Syook Webinar: How to invest in the future? - Budgeting techniques for IoT and Industry 4.0 in 2021

Syook Webinar: In-facility logistics 4.0 - Trends in IOT and digital supply chain

Syook Webinar: 7 ways you can optimize the efficiency of your in-facility trucks and assets

Syook Safe Webinar & QnA: Emergency response management in your facility

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