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Higher Safety and Asset Utilization using Syook

Easing the stress in the construction industry

Construction and the EPC sector require special compliances and safety standards for ensuring people's safety in highly difficult environments. With multiple lone-workers working in critical areas and use of multiple high-value assets in various locations, real-time location becomes very important to all the stakeholders involved in the construction industry.


Syook InSite (an enterprise intelligence platform built on RTLS -Real Time Location Systems) enables you to manage and optimise your operations by providing you with data driven insights. InSite provides the answer to various needs and enables you to take proactive decisions instead of reactive ones. By using Syook InSite, all your people and assets can be viewed and managed on a single platform helping you achieve higher productivity, safety and compliance.



Man, machine and materials are essential for the construction sector. With InSite, these can be monitored to derive actionable insights and provide data related to contractor performance, truck operations and in-facility asset utilization.


Construction sites hold a large number of assets and people who need to follow safety protocols and procedures. With InSite, get empowered to locate and view individuals in the facility and also determine their last known location. Various safety solutions are a part of the Syook InSite platform including emergency headcount, last known location and even an SOS trigger for emergency alerts. The system is also configurable for advanced features like fall detection and immobility monitoring. The system provides map-based analytics to study overcrowding trends and replay functionality to study the movement of an individual or group of individuals.


InSite provides you with a dynamic compliance environment which lets you create rules for all the different types of individuals such as contract workers, visitors, security guards and assets such as trucks, drill machines and concrete cutters. The no code platform ensures that each location is able to configure rules and alerts in their own way without any need for expensive and time consuming customization. These rules can ensure that your facility or site is compliant at all times by ensuring key personnel and assets are at disposal in dedicated areas at any given time.

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