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Using RTLS Technology To Prevent Equipment Loss In Hospitals

Technological advances have definitely contributed to higher security and deterred crime in many aspects of our day-to-day lives, from surveillance cameras to fingerprint scanning, in public spaces and on private property. There is a great deal of peace and reassurance that can come from new-age security systems. In hospitals, the use of RTLS technology has a big impact on the safety and security of staff and patients alike, with the added benefit of streamlining everyday workflow and tracking important assets to avoid misplacement and, more seriously, theft.

But though this technology has been around and in use by industries such as manufacturing and transportation for many years, many healthcare facilities are yet to embrace the improvements RTLS can bring. It could be from fear that implementation will disturb an already smooth-running system or the cost factor of having to set up beacons and tags through the organisation.

However, RTLS is an independent system that requires no integration with your existing IT systems, and its long-term benefits can actually help reduce waste and theft, making it a cost-saving solution. Here’s are some solid reasons why RTLS can help reduce crime in a hospital setting and improve processes overall.

Keeps All Eyes On Assets

Just as CCTV deters thieves and intruders, tracking devices on your valuable machinery or equipment can keep a track of where your most important assets are. The technology can also send alerts to the concerned persons in case an asset has left its permitted area of usage or the premises of the hospital. Any important equipment in the facility can be tagged for tracking, including those that are leased.

An added advantage of this type of tracking is that equipment is easily locatable, saving time (and in some cases lives) when the need for it arises.

Track Stocks, Save Time & Money

Managing medical stocks can be a tedious manual process for hospital staff, as well as the issue of theft of drugs and medical materials such as dressings, syringes, etc. Regular stock taking is crucial to making sure medications aren’t siphoned away. When you employs an RTLS system, those in charge can manage inventory remotely with real-time reports that can be accessed through easy-to-use dashboards, removing the hassle of having to manually take stock of supplies. The technology can be programmed to send out alerts to the designated authority if stock is being shifted from its appointed area, helping pinpoint any illegal activities.

Location of medication in a timely manner can also be a challenge in storerooms where hundreds of shelves and drugs are kept. This improves the productivity of staff over time as they do not have to spend precious minutes searching for the right medication and supplies with on-hand access to its location.

Improved Security & Safety

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are places where emotions can run high and incidences of violence or elevated hostility and aggression are not entirely uncommon. Staff need to feel safe and secure in order to do their jobs well. Patients and visitors too, should not be at risk of injury or harm from unknown entities in the event of an altercation. RTLS can help bolster the security protocol within the premises. The system can be used by employees to alert security staff of a problem and the location with a push of a button, without drawing the attention of culprits.

Helps With Patient Tracking & Personal Theft

Patients too can use the technology to alert staff to their needs – all they require is a tag with the capability to send alerts. Tags can also help locate patients who are likely to roam around unattended or get lost, such as dementia suffers. Theft of personal possessions on the premises can also be limited as accountability is increased when the location of every member of staff is recorded on a timeline in the system.

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