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RTLS and Logistics:

RTLS and logistics

We all know the criticality of logistics in business continuity in a variety of industries. Large-cap companies have been investing in R&D for optimization for the sole problem of gaining visibility. It is believed that the inability to see the location of essential assets in real-time might impede supply chain and logistics productivity and efficiency is the source of this problem. Companies may gain high visibility on the location of their assets by utilising IoT driven infrastructure to track workers, shipments and assets. However, the key to a successful RTLS deployment is selecting the correct RTLS solution for the applications and the proper service provider with experience in execution and realising value.

Benefits of introducing RTLS into the logistics world:

Benefits of introducing RTLS into the logistics world

Benefits of RTLS in Logistics

How Syook has helped in the automobile industry:

Problem Statement:

FIAPL, a leading automobile manufacturing company in India wanted to improve their supply chain and in-plant logistics, optimize the operations, enhance productivity and automate business processes while reducing cost and maintaining quality.


Syook deployed the InSite platform, which is an RTLS driven no-code business tool used to monitor the location and movement of trucks for managing in-plant logistics and supply chains at factories and warehouses. To ensure high reliability, accuracy and seamless deployment we came up with a tailored solution which comprised of:

  • Bluetooth based RTLS technology

  • Edge computing enabled IoT anchors and gateways

  • BLE enabled ID cards as tags

  • InSite’s no code rule builder and alerts

  • InSite’ real-time facility map

  • Digital gate pass feature for dynamic allocation of tags to vehicles

  • Advanced analytics engine and automated report generator

InSite's Truck-in Truck-out - RTLS for logistics


  • Effective time-saving at the gates leading to faster shipments

  • Reduce energy consumption and operational costs

  • Real-Time Bottleneck identification

  • Optimized utilization of in-facility docks and loading ramps

  • Higher accountability from the truck drivers/vendors

  • Less paperwork, predictable driving and resting times

The module comes with in-app features such as:

RTLS for logistics

Return on investment realised:

With the implementation of Syook InSite, they were able to:

Return on investments (ROI) for RTLS

This helped the company take better and more informed proactive decisions instead of reactive training. Syook is continuously growing and expanding across various countries and industries with proven customer success and product value. The InSite platform has been deployed in various other industries such as manufacturing, retail, railways, hospitality, healthcare, oil and gas etc.



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