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6 Safety Benefits Of RTLS Technology To Employees

The advantages of RTLS are plentiful to organisations – the monitoring of assets and people can solve logistical bottlenecks and the data generated can improve overall productivity. But it’s not about the business alone; the technology can be a boon to employee safety on a day-to-day basis. Let’s go through them in some detail:

RTLS Impact on Employee Safety

1. Access Monitoring

In a factory or warehouse, with heavy machinery and the potential for accidents to occur, ensuring that employees are safe and handling only what they have been trained for is of the highest priority. Giving only skilled workers access to certain high-risks zones can eliminate underskilled staff from wandering into zones that could cause them harm.

2. Reducing Operational Overload

RTLS can also help streamline bottlenecks and operational stress by analysing data and using it to determine the allotment of spaces. Areas that are being overused can be looked into and those processes assigned to underused areas.

3. Automated Emergency Mustering

In case of an emergency, much time is wasted on an employee headcount when things are done the traditional way. This time could be better utilised looking for people still in danger. An RTLS solution can instantly provide you with a count of those who have made it to the refuge area and can provide a last-known-location report for all others.

4. Safety with Heavy Duty Machinery

Each year, an average of 20,000 individuals are injured seriously in the United States alone because of forklift accidents. The data derived from RTLS technology can provide management with the details they need to rectify the root cause of issues leading to the accidents.

5. Monitored Visitor Access

Monitored access for visitors is one of the baseline requirements for a secure setup. RTLS allows you to limit the locations your visitors can access as per the requirement.

6. Reduces Stress Of Stocking

In a fast-paced work environment, whether healthcare or manufacturing, keeping track of stock is an added burden on staff, and oversights can occur frequently in the running of day-to-day processes. When stock is low or over, it can negatively impact not just the supply chain and patients (in case of the healthcare industry) but also the mindset of employees, creating added stress as they scramble to rectify the situation.

When it comes to maintaining inventory with minimal fuss, RTLS can alert employees when stock is low. It eliminates the tediousness of keeping manual inventory and sends action items to the appropriate people.

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