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6 Reasons Why RTLS Is Being Adopted By Organisations Worldwide

In parts of the world that have embraced Industry 4.0, a real-time location system (RTLS) is a necessary part of day-to-day processes, crucial to conducting analyses and for evolving operational performance and increasing output.

While its name does give the impression that all it’s good for is learning the location of assets, the data that such a system provides can yield immense benefits to businesses looking for bottlenecks. It can provide substantial information to examine the causes of errors, breaks in the system, or logistical issues - promoting accountability and aiding corrective action. Here’s how RTLS helps businesses and why its popularity is at an all-time high.

1. Uses the right resources at the right time

RTLS helps with asset management, making sure the location of valuable equipment that is transportable is always available for speedy access. Similarly, knowing the location of staff and experts can aid in a more efficient flow of handling tasks, whether it is mechanical or regarding clients (say, experts, attending to patients in a hospital).

2. Gives you analytics on your entire operation

RTLS gives you a wealth of information that can be accessed by authorized individuals 24x7 from anywhere. You can remotely have an overview of everything that is happening at all locations, allowing you to weed out inefficiencies and improve operational safety and compliance.

3. Relatively cheap, given the data improvements

RTLS can be a cost-effective addition to your operational improvement efforts, with BLE beacons - up to 80% cheaper than other technologies. BLE Beacons use half the energy used by other competing devices, with longer battery lives, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Easy to set up, and to use

RTLS works independently and requires no IT integration with your systems. You won’t be upsetting any process flows as the devices have no internal interaction with your organization’s software. It’s easy to set up and for individuals to use and obtain data. It puts no strain on your staff or resources. This technology is versatile in that it can function in a variety of climates, and benefit a range of industries.

5. Speedy ROI

RTLS technology is extremely cost effective while gaining you a wealth of invaluable insights and data that can be used for present overseeing, looked at retrospectively for analysis and rectification, or to foresee future trends.

6. Meets safety obligations

In industries such as healthcare and manufacturing, utmost care needs to be taken to ensure safety standards are met and regulatory compliance is adhered to. RTLS makes equipment maintenance a smoother and more timely activity as locating specific equipment in a large indoor area, even with multiple sections, is easy. In areas that require strict temperature regulation, RTLS keeps track of temperatures through data-collecting tags, where alerts and logs can be transmitted and accessed from multiple devices.

Head over to Syook to find out more about how an RTLS solution can help your organization, or contact us to set-up demo.


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