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Revolutionize Railway Logistics with Solar- Powered GPS Tracking 

 Join Syook and Sensel Telematics as Partners in Innovation

Scale and innovate through our industry-leading IoT solutions. Be part of a robust partner ecosystem gaining access to cutting-edge IoT hardware solutions, and dedicated support to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry.

Introducing Solar-Powered GPS Tracker for Freight Wagons & Containers

Team up with Syook and Sensel Telematics to introduce our ground-breaking Solar-Powered GPS Tracker that will change the way freight wagons and containers are tracked and monitored

Introducing Solar-Powered GPS Tracker for Freight Wagons & Containers

Engineered with over 15 Years of Refinement for Unparalleled Reliability

Enhance safety with uninterrupted tracking with our Solar-Powered GPS Tracker, featuring smart updates and long-lasting battery life. Easily installable with magnetic or bolt-on options, equipped with dual sensors for added security. Plus, stay future-ready with Bluetooth support and built-in storage for seamless operation during network outages.

Railway Tracking
Rugged and Compact Design
IP67 Environmental Protection
Temperature Range:  -20° C to +85° C
CE Certified Modem
PCB and components RoHS
Rugged and Compact Design
IP67 Environmental Protection
Temperature Range
-20° C to +85° C
CE Certified Modem
PCB and components RoHS

Next-Generation Features Built for 
Freight Wagons and Containers

Adaptive and Programmable Update Rate
OTA (Firmware and Configuration)
Intelligent and Adaptive Power Management 
Ultra Low Power Operation
Device Removal and Tampering Alerts
Large Internal Data Storage for temporary Network Outages
Cellular tower location fallback
Multi-type de-activation by OTA
Internal Temperature Monitoring for deep sleep switchover (e.g. above 70° C)
Battery level indication in updates
Certifications / Compliance

Significant Drawback of a Primary Cell Solution Compared to Solar Power Harvesting Solution

Primary Cell Size

Requirement for an exceedingly large cell size in case of Primary cell solution

Battery Capacity

The energy consumption per packet fluctuates depending on the available signal strength of the GSM network. Even under optimistic estimations (24 pings per day for 7 years), planning for a minimum 64 AH battery is necessary

Replacement Cost

Besides the initial cost, any issues with the electronics or battery would lead to significant expenses for replacement

Ready to be Part of the Future?

Join us as a partner and together, let's redefine railway logistics with solar-powered GPS tracking. Sign up now to learn more and take the first step towards innovation with Syook and Sensel Telematics.

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