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RTLS in The FMCG Industry

­­Have you ever wondered how location-awareness can benefit workforce management for the FMCG industry? Well, there are two key functions that impact the most in any FMCG manufacturing or warehouse facility i.e Safety and Security.

Security of analog information or information processing systems is restricted by conventional access control systems. When properly implemented, they help to reduce the danger of data breaches.


On another note, if an emergency happens on-site, it is vital to ensure the safety of people and determine their locations. In the majority of situations, evacuation must begin promptly and keep a headcount in real-time.


However, the key to a successful RTLS deployment is selecting the correct RTLS solution for the application and the proper service provider with experience in execution and realizing value


Lack of visibility causes expensive inefficiencies:


According to the National Safety Council, poor working conditions and lack of proper safety equipment and access controls lead to high losses in profits.

­­­­­­­­­­­­How Syook has helped the FMCG industry:


Problem Statement:


A global leader in FMCG wanted to enhance its access control and safety management at their Indian facilities. They wanted to enhance the process of ensuring security and monitoring the safety of 600 employees over 2 different facilities located 1km apart.




After successfully onboarding into Syook InSite, an RTLS driven no-code business tool, all their human assets were visualized in real-time on a digital twin of the facility. The users were able to monitor the movement of people and their location within the facility. We proposed the following solution for maintaining safety and access control using RTLS at their facilities:­­­

  • Bluetooth based RTLS technology

  • Edge computing enabled IoT anchors and gateways

  • BLE and SOS button enabled ID cards as tags

  • InSite’s compliance engine

  • Insite's real-time and interactive facility map

  • Insite's no-code report builder

  • Integration with legacy access control




Return on investment

After moving operations to Syook InSite, they were able to:

­­­­The company was able to deploy and onboard within a matter of days, without having to change existing process flow or abandoning legacy digital systems. This digital transformation initiative helped the company make more informed decisions and proactive actions instead of reactive training.


To know more about how InSite can help you bring an impact in your operations, a demo with us today!




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